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According to this, the method of seeking knowledge is through asking questions. Let me tell you of one question that is never asked in Muslim countries. "What is the evidence for human evolution?"

There is a reason this question is unwelcome by Islam and for same reason human evolution is not taught in science classes in Muslim countries. The scientific evidence proves that human descended from a long chain of living organisms.

No, humans were not created and humans are not special either. We are animals like many others. We are more evolved but we are still animals. The scientific evidence is overwhelming, and it is sad to see a lot of so-called Islamic scholars attempt to discredit evolution using mostly intellectually dishonest trickery rather than challenging the science.

Islam likes to present itself as an open environment for curiosity and discovery, but it has its limits. Islam limits itself to knowledge that does not threaten its own existence. If Islam truly invited scientific discovery, all Muslims would have to come to the conclusion that the story of creation is just a story concocted by people who lived a long time ago and needed a way to explain the world. Now, we know better.

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